Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair

We generally stock parts for the most popular devices. If you are unsure, you are more than welcome to call us at 573-332-7364 and ask. If we don't have parts for your device, we can order them and contact you when we get them in. Then you can bring your phone in, and we will have it ready for you by 9:00AM the next day.
Check out our price list at the bottom of the page here:
We are really good at fixing devices. But sometimes even we can't fix them. If you bring them in and we can't fix them, you pay nothing. It is that simple.

Computer Repair

Possibly. But it is really likely that you will want to recover your data from your current computer at the very least. You should also come talk to us before you decide to just jump in a buy a new computer. It may be a relatively simple fix and your current computer may be exactly what you need. And if it is best for you to get a new computer, we would be happy to point you in the right direction for your specific needs.
No worries if you can't bring your computer to us. We will come to you.
We are really good at fixing computers. But if we can't fix yours for some reason, we won't charge you a dime. So bring it in; we'll take a look and get it taken care of if we can.

Virus Cleaning & Monitored Virus Protection

Sometimes the only way to know is to have an expert run a scan on your computer. In that case, it is likely that the virus has been designed to steel valuable information from you. In cases where you do see symptoms, the most likely symptom would be a slow-running computer. If you are noticing your computer freezing more often or programs running more slowly than normal, it is probably a good idea to get your computer checked out.
We believe that we are the absolute best at virus cleaning and protection in Southeast Missouri. And we would be happy to help you out with your computer at an affordable cost. Having said that, there are a number of places online that will walk you through some steps to help you clean your computer. If you try it yourself and are unsuccessful, we would still be happy to help you.
Anti-virus programs are designed to detect and protect your computer from viruses that are known. The problem is that the people who are designing these viruses are always creating new ones that the anti-virus programs don't know about yet. Because of this, these anti-virus companies are constantly coming out with updates. It is important for you to stay on top of these updates, and we handle that for you. But it is also important to regularly check downloads onto your computer and the status of your system. We handle that as well. And we do it all in the background without you having to lift a finger.

Custom-Built Computers

The easiest answer is a simple one. A custom built computer will have everything you need and nothing you don't. This means that your computer will run in the most efficient way possible FOR YOU. It won't have any crappy programs you don't want slowing it down. That also means you won't have to pay for any of those crappy programs. You only pay for what you want, not for what you don't.
You are actually in much better shape buying from us if you run into problems with your custom-built pc. Since we put it together and configured it for you, we know the most likely places things could go wrong. We are also very familiar with all of its parts and the system that it runs.
Well I guess if you consider never having to hear someone say, "Dude, your'e getting a Dell!" to you a negative, then yes. There is that. You also won't have a glowing piece of fruit on your computer. But other than that, we've got nothin'.