Federal Grant Scam Takes Aim at Your Identity

Been contacted recently either via phone or Facebook for a “Federal Grant specifically in place for those who need assistance paying for bills, raise children, etc”?

It’s a scam.

Now, the scam can take two forms:

a) Facebook: scammers will create a page that looks like someone you know, add all of the original page’s friends and then send them a message about the grant after “chatting them up”. You can read about it here.

b) Phone call: our office just received one of these calls last Tuesday… “Tanesha” was calling me to let me know the Federal Government wanted my company to bid on federal contracts! Sooooo exciting! (well, maybe for someone who loves the fed gov more, but I digress…)… all she needed was to make sure I was eligible, I filed my taxes, etc… what did she want? Well, social security number (you’d think they’d already have that), FEIN, address and, I assume if I let her get far enough, my mother’s maiden name, my childhood best friend and the city I was born in… you know, normal stuff the government needs if they’re going to open an account in your name.

Point is: be vigilant, be careful, and don’t fall for a scam. We can protect your computer but we can’t protect your bank account.


Andrew Bard

BardNet, LLC dba Computer 21, LLC


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