Gmail/Yahoo Password Hack Update

I just wanted to drop everyone a line about two things:

The Gmail account hack I emailed you about a week or so ago: it’s getting worse. I’m seeing people who have passwords under 10 characters being hacked on a daily basis. The attacks are sophisticated and coordinated. Please, if you have not already done so, change your password to your online accounts.

Also, this is not just for Gmail users: I had several people on Yahoo get hacked last week. I’m getting worried that this is really “anything online with a short password”.

Which brings me to this: how do I make a good password? Conventional wisdom has told us that “special characters” and “randomness” was what we wanted but I’m telling you that’s not true… what we want is “length”. I don’t care if the password you use is “123456abcdefg”, that’s still better than “Tr00p3r?” because of _length_.

This GIF summarizes things nicely:

Also, this one:

Now, I don’t expect everyone who reads this to understand all that which is why I’m just telling you: please change your password and string together enough words that the password is over 13 characters long. Of course, if you have any problems or questions, email me back or call Sheryl at 573-332-7364 and we’ll schedule a time to help you one on one.

Oh, and please don’t use 123456abcdefg for your next password 🙂

– Andrew

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