Local Burglaries Force Us to Ask: Do I Need Portable Data Security?

Local Burglaries Force Us to Look at Portable Data Security 

Two clients of mine have been broken into in the past two weeks… these weren’t locations one would expect to be broken into (i.e., ones with money or drugs available), one was a law firm, the other was a restaurant. What was stolen? Two laptops at one location and at the other a server and manager workstation.

 What’s the point of this all of this? 

The economy is a struggle for a lot of people right now. Petty crime is going up. Computer 21 can help you with this in three different ways:

  1. Alarm systems
  2. Security cameras
  3. Encryption of locally stored data

Now, we all know what alarm systems and security cameras are, but what’s “encryption of locally stored data”? 

In a nutshell: we can encrypt the hard drives of laptops, servers, and desktop PCs so, if they’re stolen, the data will be inaccessible to the thieves.

You’re probably thinking “So? I don’t have any information on there I care about”… does your email account automatically log in when outlook or google chrome is opened? Now they see your credit card statements… now they can reset your credit card account password… now they know where you bank… where your kids go to college… where your spouse works… Do you store quickbooks on this device? Now they have that file as well… Yes, most petty criminals are not looking at identity theft but, it only takes one… encryption of your locally stored data is crucial to keep from being a double victim.

And this doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of whether you have customer data stored on these devices (servers especially).

It’s not a huge process and it’s a one-time job… no recurring fees, no mothlies, etc. Give us a call at 573-332-7364 or reply to this email to discuss. 



 Andrew Bard

BardNet, LLC dba Computer 21, LLC


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